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ICPT 2022

International Conference on Planarization Technology

The virtual conference website at Engagez ( has all of the recorded talks and will be accessible through the end of December.  If you were either an attendee of the in-person event or if you already purchased a virtual registration, you can simply log into the Engagez website using the email address that you used for registration.  If you did not attend ICPT 2022 in-person or virtually but would like access to the content, please email so we can assist you with payment.  Virtual Event Registration is $400.00.

Admission to ICPT 2022 (Virtual Participation, Including Electronic Copy of Proceedings)_e
Admission to ICPT 2022 (One Day Rate)_edited.png
Admission to ICPT 2022 (Discount Rate, Students, Committee Members, and Invited Speakers)_
Admission to ICPT 2022 (Full Rate, After August 31, 2022)_edited.png
Admission to ICPT 2022 (Full Rate, Prior to August 31, 2022)_edited.png

SEP 27-29, 2022


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